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How do I deploy a BIRT report that uses libraries?

Question asked by sterd71 on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by ahulme

I'm working on a BIRT report and breaking it down and exporting commonly used components to a report library.  The report builds OK in Eclipse as the library is set up as a report resource.  Reports are built into a war file using ANT ready for deployment to Blackboard. 


Initially I wasn't including the libraries in the war file so the report wasn't working correctly when uploaded to Blackboard.


I've changed the ant script to copy the report libraries under the WEB-INF folder during the build so they are included in the war file but this still hasn't worked.  I've also tried copying to a /resource folder under WEB-INF.


The Birt.xml is set as follows:


        <list-property name="libraries">           <structure>               <property name="fileName">resources/ReportComponents.rptlibrary</property>              <property name="namespace">ReportComponents</property>           </structure>         </list-property>


Is it possible to use report libraries with the Blackboard platform?