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Is there a "Dropbox" or "Google Drive"-like app in Learn that allows me to sync Learn files to my desktop?

Question asked by jbisping on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by gritter

My students provide ZIP archives with large numbers of complex and diverse file types (mostly not Office files) as part of their assignments. As feedback, I typically respond with several pages of image-heavy PDFs. As a consequence, I can't use Learn's integrated MS Word commenting feature that displays my students' Word deliverable and then allows me to comment on it.

In order to minimize the amount of emails I'm sending to my students, and to centralize interaction in Learn, I create a "Feedback" folder on the Learn Homepage, with my students' last names as sub-folders, which are made accessible to individual students via "adaptive release." This works well enough to communicate my feedback, but with 30+ students it takes between 15-30 minutes for each assignment to create appropriate links in each student's sub-folder.

Is there any way that I can reflect and sync the Learn file structure ("Course Management" > "Files" > course number) onto my desktop, just as you would with Dropbox and Google Drive? Then I wouldn't have to navigate to 30+ files with 5+ clicks per file, which already includes having copy/pasted the file name into the search box so that I don't have to manually look for it in the cumbersome user interface.