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Discussion created by chrisj on Feb 29, 2016
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Hi.  Can someone please help me here.  I'm trying to encourage all our staff to use rubrics in blackboard (both in higher education HE and vocational education VE).  In HE we display grades to students and in VE we don't (as it's competency based).


The problem I've found is turning off the visibility of the grades.  If we want to use a rubric setup with points, point range, percentage or percentage range we cannot turn them visibly off from the student view without it also turning off the comments and the students level of achievement.  Is this a bug, or does our University have something setup incorrectly?  Version of Bb = 9.1

As example of the student rubric (student view) prior to being graded:

Inline images 1


I went in student view, uploaded a dummy assignment, then exited this view.  As a teacher I then saw:


Inline images 2


I graded the attempt with the rubric:


Inline images 3


As a student I then see the following:


Inline images 4


And the rubrics as follows:


Inline images 5



So, the only thing different to above, is that I'd like to do this with points or percentage, so that it calculates the grade, but then I would like to have the grades visibly turned off the rubrics.  I thought the option below was supposed to do this:


Inline images 6

However the display the student then gets is an empty rubric with no information in each cell.