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test access log and activity accumulator mismatch

Question asked by jd37885 on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by feocco

I received a question regarding a student who was unable to save answers during a multiple choice (present all at once) test in Bb Learn 9.1 Oct 2014 CU1. 

I reviewed her access log from the test which shows 13/25 questions saved over a period of about 70 minutes.

I also pulled her activity accumulator record for this course during that time period and there are no "/webapps/assessment/take/take" lines, which I have previously equated with the act of an item being saved on a test.  There are records of her launching the assessment, but not of her taking it....  this test was set to auto-submit which occurred after a subsequent login, indicating that she exited the assessment or more likely lost her connection.


I believe that this student's connection dropped out, resulting in her self-reported inability to save items - but I don't understand why the Test Access log shows save points when the accumulator doesn't show any activity between the initial launching of the test and subsequent login that triggered the test submission.  


As it was a present all at once, I understand how she continued clicking on the assessment window with a dropped connection, and am primarily interested to know if there's another way to possibly track her activity as the accumulator doesn't have the same records as the test access log.


Any help or information is greatly appreciated.