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Assignments and Grading B2 updates coming to Q4 2015 release?

Question asked by tp36301 on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by tp36301

Noelle Stephens and Michael Schultz (and all),


There was a recent announcement of a B2 update to the October 2014 release addressing issues like High CPU Utilization on Application Server when Uploading or Accessing files in Courses and Gradecenter Error JSON.parse error issues with new Assignment and Grading B2 fixes.


Can someone confirm if and when these B2s will be released to address these and other issues that are also affecting the Q4 2015 release?  Otherwise, will customers have to wait until Q2 2016 to get these for newer releases with these problems?  I look forward to your feedback on a timeline when this might available as we are planning upgrade in production in the late Spring to Q4 2015.




Toni P.