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Passing Blackboard credentials to external systems?

Question asked by mzimmer on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by mzimmer

This is really developer question, and I'm definitely not a developer so this is probably very much a noobie question, but here goes...


We are moving from a locally-hosted Blackboard system to Managed Hosting, but are maintaining a local "utilities" page to allow faculty to do things like request visitor accounts on the system, request merge classes, etc.   Since Blackboard is moving, we're in the process of rewriting the background scripts for those services, and would like to get away from the current need for faculty to log in again to access the utilities.


What mechanisms do other institutions use to pass Blackboard authentication credentials out to other external systems?  LTI seems like overkill, so I'm guessing that there is some straightforward way to do it securely?


Thanks for sharing any suggestions/experiences!