Re: New B2 causes Ultra Rooms to disappear- article # 000041708

Discussion created by dc23832 on Jan 29, 2016

Perhaps more of a warning than a FYI - reported to us yesterday via my Behind the Blackboard subscription - an issue that will make Ultra rooms disappear - my Colleague puts it like this on blkbrd-l:




Hi Everyone,


This is an FYI: We are running Collaborate Ultra and have been testing the latest collaborate building block (4.8.1172511) against our staging server and have come across the following known issue:


"Ultra Course Room does not appear if there are inactive users enrolled in a course"



There is a miss type in the article title. Inactive users refers to Disabled users.


It's a fairly significant issue if you have any users that are disabled and enrolled in courses that use collaborate ultra.


Hope this helps and saves some time testing.



John Langford

Edge Hill University