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Hello everybody, ...I need to integrate with a 3rd party application using web services.

Question asked by ya0045785 on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by Peter Love

I am not able to find the Right API documentation with sample reference code (in PHP) to do some of the actions.

I need API reference for the 5 items mentioned below.who has the right answer "could you please help to find an articles about it" ?


The items are as below:

-Create a user account in Blackboard when a user is created in the 3rd party system

  -Create a course in Blackboard when a course is created in the 3rd party system

  -Enroll a user into a Blackboard Course from the 3rd party system.

  -Retrieve all the enrolled student's marks,grades and assessment information from a Blackboard Course and store in the 3rd party system.

  -Update the final grade in Blackboard Course for all enrolled students from the 3rd party system