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YouTube mashup content no longer works views in full screen for Q4 2015?

Question asked by tp36301 on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by tp36301

Has anyone experienced in either Q4 2015 (we have that in test) or October 2014 releases where YouTube mashup (thumbnail or embed) has the full screen option greyed out so you can't click on it for previous or new content?


We have April 2014 CU5 in both production and staging so I am trying to determine if this might be a bug in new releases.  In addition, is there a workaround?  I had seen the scroll problem, BtBb Article No.: 000040879, but this is a different issue. 


Noelle Stephens, are you aware of this possibly being something that should be fixed in the GA version that maybe our version of Q4 2015 in test is missing?  Let me know what you find. 




Toni P.