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Calling Web Service Methods From Building Block as Guest

Question asked by ps30844 on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by ps30844

Is it possible to call the web service methods from within a building block when there is no user session?


We are creating a building block that has a page which allows guest access (<application can-allow-guest="true" />), and I need to be able to call certain web service methods


For example:


This works fine if I'm logged in as an admin, and if I'm logged in with a lesser role, like Student, then it will work if I add the required permissions to the bb-manifest file


But when there is no user session, I can initialize the Context web service, but then I get an invalid session error when trying to login as a tool (from the Building Block).


Is there something else needed in the bb-manifest.xml file?


Or will allow me to access the web service methods without a user session?