SERVICE_NAME option for connecting to database broken when applying Cumulative Updates and Advanced Security Option does not work with Oracle 12c

Discussion created by miroslav.lulic on Jan 14, 2016
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Hi Everyone


I am posting this after a discussion on the office hours. These two issues are sort of related since they both have come up with our move to Oracle 12c.

More serious one is the issue where Blackboard currently doesn’t support Advanced Security Option if you upgrade to Oracle 12c. If this issue is important to you please open a case and talk to your customer support representative.


Second issue is the error you get if you have started using SERVICE_NAME as an option to connect to the database. This option I believe became available in bb_config with the October 2014 release. If you try running bbpatch to update a cumulative update it will fail. Current workaround is to use SID temporarily while installing Cumulative updates.

If this issue is important please open a case. Our Case #02264511.


"Tier III/PD found a BbPatch code bug that is the issue here. It's all about connecting via the SERVICE_NAME, which you can and should use with a non-RAC DB as well (SID is deprecated).

The changes will be coming via BbPatch. I have been given no timeline for the fix."


We are currently on October 2014 CU3 with Redhat5 on VMware and Oracle 12c.