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Question asked by nzgleaton on Jan 7, 2016
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I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure if I'm posting to the right place, but here goes...


We are a military resident school where student are here for as short as three days and as long as 26 weeks, and they attend the same class 8 hrs/day. They are enrolled in only one course, after which they leave. Courses are set up with modules and can have three through 10 modules, depending on the subject, and each module has an exam. In some courses modules must be done sequentially; in others they can jump around based on prerequisites, e.g., Module A must be done before any other, or a minimum exam score must be attained in one module before progressing to the next. Additionally, each module is comprised of a list of activities, such as watching a video, doing some reading, or completing a Practical Exercise. I guess you could compare Modules to Chapters in a textbook (which we don't use -- all content is accessed on in-house servers).


1) Classrooms do not have internet access.Will this limit what we can do? Does the product depend on cloud access?


2) Is there an attendance function, and if so, can you take attendance more than once per class? The customer requires taking attendance in the morning and after lunch, as well as entering a code that indicates why they were absent.


3) Is there a way to import a file to create accounts for each class without having to create them one by one?


4) Once a class is created, with all the content added, can it be saved as a template to use for future classes? Some courses are taught only a few times a year; for others, a new class may start every other week. The content doesn't change very often. It would sure be pain to have to create a new course every time a class started.


4) Is there a way to limit teacher permissions so they can't edit a course? We create the templates, and instructors are not permitted to modify them -- they are controlled by very strict customer requirements and guidelines, and all changes are done by the LMS Administrator.


5) How are tests scheduled and controlled? Do all students have to take it at the same time? We have some self-paced courses, where students will be all over the place at any given time, which means they are ready for different exams at different times.


6) We have two versions of every test. If a student fails an exam, s/he is remediated and retested with the other version. How can this be controlled so the student has access to ONLY the needed exam at the required time?


7) Can functions such as allowing a student to reset passwords be disabled? Passwords are assigned with a set format and students/instructors are not permitted to change them.


8) How to we control accessibility to modules/activities based on prerequisites within the same course being completed?


I know it's a lot of questions, but I don't know where else to start. Thanks for your patience!