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Jones and Bartlett Partner Cloud listed as turned on, on its own

Question asked by tp36301 on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by klou



For all our environments including production, staging, and test instances of Blackboard (two April 2014 CU5 releases and one test on Q4 2015 Tech Preview), I found that as of this morning the Jones and Bartlett publisher partner cloud was turned on within the Partner Cloud which has everything else off.


We have Partner Cloud turned off but we are no longer able to make it inactive or unavailable as of April 2014 release as it might affect other B2s.


I turned the Jones and Bartlett part off and which is working fine.  However, have other experienced this today and does anyone know of something that might have caused this to occur?  This looks similar to the Wiley problem a few months back where it was turned on automatically.




Toni P.