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Question about SCORM

Question asked by js21588 on Dec 16, 2015
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I had someone come to me today asking about SCORM functionality in Bb. I've never used it before so I asked for a sample SCORM package. I uploaded it and have a few problems. I don't know if it's the package, configuration, or anything.


- If my browser has the pop-up blocker set to ALLOW from Blackboard, I get a popup that quickly disappears. (Tried in Fox, Chrome, and IE, Opera, all latest versions)

- If my browser has the pop-up blocker set to DISALLOW from Blackboard, the popup with the SCORM content stays and shows. (Tried in Fox, Chrome, Opera)

- The interactive quiz built into the SCORM package did not show, it only showed a video. The package was supposed to have a video and quiz at the end.


Since I don't know anything about SCORM, I don't even know what to look for to diagnose this issue.


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