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Does anyone have an example of Python to get scores out of  Gradebook using Webservices?

Question asked by andre.verheij on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by shane

Hi all,


I am looking to read a single column out of a Gracebook in a BB Learn course using WebServices. I have been using the examples from the

Workshop but they tell me how to create a column.. I just want to read a column..


I am not a Python expert, more a PHP Developer, but am keep to use Python.


        # Initialize headers and then call createHeaders to generate the soap headers with WSSE bits.

        headers = []

        headers = createHeaders('getGrades', "session", sessionId, 'Gradebook.WS')


        # Add Headers and WS-Security to client. Set port to default value, otherwise, you must add to service call

        gradebookWS.set_options(soapheaders=headers, port='Gradebook.WSSOAP12port_https')


        gradebook_vo = gradebookWS.factory.create("ns4:ScoreFilter")

        gradebook_vo.courseId = course_id



So I can get to print something.. but how on earth do I get to iterate through the students in this course, to then get their results for the column marked External grade? Do i need to do the similar thing as in Java, list the membership, then for each of the memberships, grab the results?