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Export Textbook references ?

Question asked by yoleneors on Dec 8, 2015
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Blackboard has options in a course to add Textbook references, either manually or by searching for them.

We haven't really pushed this for Faculty yet, but are thinking about it.


One reason to do so is if the Library staff could then get a list of the Textbook referenced (ideally accross multiple courses), and/or know in how many courses (ideally also "concerning how many students") they're listed as required or recommended, in order to plan their stock accordingly, and even simply have a reference (sometimes professors require books from students without informing the library and they actually don't have it).


I didn't find anywhere to get at least a reading list export for a course. Any idea ? Some building block you know of ? Some tweaking in ASR Tables ? (FYI : we're in Managed hosting)

Really interested to know how do other Universities handle the bibliography aspect

Thanks !