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How can I create exports from Journals and Grade Centre?

Question asked by chrisboon on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by chrisboon

We're currently planning to move to Managed Hosting next summer, and as such will lose our direct access to the database.  One of the issues we're trying to resolve is to find a way to create exports from the Journal at the Grade Centre.


When our students use the Journal in a course, they often ask for a copy of their entries to take away with them.  Alternatively academics may request copies of all journals to keep for reference.


For the Grade Centre, External Verifiers (EVs) often ask for a record of submitted work, plus feedback and grades, to moderate the marking; in most cases the EVs are not familiar with the Grade Centre and ask for a report containing this information to be sent to them.


In both cases we have developed reports using Crystal Reports, but these connect directly to our Learn database; this won't be possible when we've moved to MH.


Has anyone implemented any alternative ways of creating Journal or Grade Centre exports?


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