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B2 availablility changes cause JVM to hang across app servers

Question asked by brian.bealer on Nov 12, 2015

We normally only perform B2 updates/maintenance during a regularly scheduled maintenance window and follow Bb's recommended update order and restarts of Bb services.


In the past, we have been able to change availability and update B2s that we have developed in-house or that were developed for us by Bb consulting without the need for the whole system to be down or do rolling restarts. Generally, these B2s do not have any dependencies on or from other B2s.


But lately, we have seen that even changing the availability of a B2, without any dependencies, from available to inactive has caused the JVM to hang on multiple application servers, even all application servers, causing a system outage until the JVM can finish restarting.


Has anyone experienced the same thing?


We are currently on 9.1 SP14 CU6 in a Windows 2008R2 environment.