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Enable a corporate internship tutor to Grade a student

Question asked by yoleneors on Nov 23, 2015
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I'm thinking some of you may have some ideas or processes in place for that and would love to hear about it.

Each student taking an internship has an academic tutor + a corporate tutor.

I'd like to enable the corporate tutor to contribute to grading the student, but the problem is :

_ Observer role : doesn't enable grading of the person they're observing

_ Grader role : doesn't enable to restrict to "their" student only.


Is there a way to assign one grade to one student specifically (preferably in batch, not one by one   ) ?

Even better : is there a way to invite an external grader (without having to create a Blackboard account, register to a course, etc ...) ?


Do you have any idea or recommendation on this topic ?


Thanks a lot !