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Can an LTI placement only be made visible to appropriate instructors?

Question asked by mysteryegg on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by scott.hurrey

I have an LTI Tool Provider that uses non-global custom parameters. Specifically, a list of courses have been registered on the Tool Provider, so the LTI link needs to pass the appropriate course ID to the Tool Provider in order for it to return the appropriate content. We don't have any means of cross-referencing the Learn module course with the Tool Provider's course IDs, so we establish on Blackboard multiple LTI placements, one for each course.


In order to allow the instructor to insert the link to their Learn course module, we've added the placements to "Build Content", but as the list of placements gets longer, the amount displayed under "Build Content" grows beyond a practical limit. We would prefer that an instructor is only able to see the Placements under "Build Content" that relate to his/her course(s). Can this be done, or is there a better way to manage the LTI placements?