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Blackboard Learn Email Subject Line Is Too Long (and hides the real information)

Question asked by akchyanv on Nov 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by am27446

One of our faculty members raised the question of Blackboard Learn email Subject lines as being too long, thereby hiding the real subject of the email.  For example, this is a typical Subject line for an email that was send out from a course site (includes CourseName + CourseID and only then the subject):


Low Intermed Integrated Skil.Fall2015 (ENFL-026-02.Fall2015): NO CLASS TODAY


Due to the length of the line, the real information gets hidden when looking at a list of emails on the web or in an email client. 


Has anyone heard of this being a concern for faculty or students?


If you were to improve on this issue, what would you do?


Thank you so much.