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Question asked by pd31348 on Nov 5, 2015

Is anyone using the Aviso program with their Blackboard gradebook?


Here is the problem I am having.  In my course template that is used to create all the courses, I created an external column named Aviso Total as a percentage in the gradebook.  When creating a course using the template, Bb is creating a new Total external grade column.  Since there cannot be 2 external grades in the gradebook, the one I created is not external any longer.  The external grade I need must be a percentage grade and the one Bb creates is a Score grade.


It seemed to work before we upgraded to Oct 2014.  I'm being told by Bb that I would have to go into each individual course and change it.  I don't like that solution.


Has anyone else come across this problem?


Patty DiGiacobbe