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Kryterion October 2014 CU 3 integration

Question asked by te28569 on Oct 28, 2015

Hello fellow Blackboarders! At our institution we currently have Kryterions Online Proctored Test integrated with Blackboard. When we decided to update our environment to the October 2014 release I wasn't aware that Kryterion hadn't begun testing with the October 2014 release, my fault I didn't do my due diligence. The release of the CU 3 updated for the October 2014 release addresses many issues the biggest being the hovering timer bar in exams/quizzes. I would love to install CU 3 for that fix alone, however I would like to be sure that I'm not going to break any of the Kryterion proctored exams within Bb. Since Kryterion only began testing on the October 2014 release they still have work to do in their processes before they fully support the October 2014 release. Does anybody happen to be on the October 2014 release with CU 3 installed using the integration with Kryterion?