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How to set session expiration time and notify users of expired sessions.

Question asked by rh30664 on Oct 26, 2015
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We've seen this happen a few times and I'm going to toss it out to the community to see what kinds of solutions you may offer.

A student will log in to a course and remain inactive in the course for an extended period of time.  Then, the student will try to submit and assignment, but will (obviously) not be allowed to do so because their session has expired.  If this occurs close to a submission deadline, then the student has missed the opportunity to submit their work.


Other than reminding students not to wait until the last minute (which would probably include following them around and asking them to please do their homework), how can I configure our Bb instance so that we can

  1. Set the length of time a user must be inactive before their session expires (or at least find out what the timeout setting is if we can't change it).
  2. Inform users that their sessions have expired and that they have been logged out of the system.


Any feedback from the community on this one?




Rodney Hargis

Senior Analyst

Mercer County Community College

West Windsor, NJ