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Problems with / tips on using Crocodoc inline assignment grading

Question asked by roger.gardner on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by chris.bray

HI everyone

I have been reviewing comments from some of our teaching staff who started to use Crocodoc inline assignment grading last year, and I wondered if anyone in the community has also experienced the following problems and/or has any tips to share. Some comments have been:

  1. Sometimes the draw feature switches on and refuses to turn off  (workaround is to exit the attempt and go back in again)
  2. Sometimes annotations could not be removed (only workaround they could find was to clear the submission and ask the student to re-upload)
  3. One colleague found that inline comments jumped within the document, away from where he had initially put them

As a team which helps people use Blackboard, for us it is often difficult to replicate these problems with Crocodoc. Any other suggestions or tips welcome!