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Follow-up question on CBE functionality in the October 2015 release

Question asked by taltman on Oct 20, 2015
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In today's Office Hours, Wade Weichel presented on the new CBE functionality that will be available in the October 2015 release via 'Goal Performance' tools. There was discussion in the chat regarding the ability to add course-specific goals, such as this comment from Kevin Lowey, "what our instructors want is an "Add goals" tool in the course control panel, where they can just add goals that apply only for that specific course." Jim Chalex responded in the chat, "there is a right for this, but it is still exposed *outside* of a course".


My understanding after a BbWorld conversation with Wade was that to use this new functionality, goals would still have to be set at the system level, applying to the entire institution (and then available for use in individual courses). An instructor would still not be able to set course-level goals that only apply to their course.


Can someone from Blackboard please clarify? I am trying to determine if the new CBE functionality will be able to be used at the course level if we do not set system level goals. I think the answer is no, but I wanted to double check based on Jim's response today.