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How to set advanced configurations for DataIntegration objects via the BlackBoard API?

Question asked by rrk35 on Oct 21, 2015

Hello BlackBoard Community Members,


I am working to migrate Georgetown University from using the Commandline tool for provisioning to the SIS Integration Framework. Our current provisioning process takes multiple data source files for a given term, assigns a Data Source Key(DSK) to the given source file, and provisions all data from the various source files using their corresponding DSK through the Commandline tool.


I have created a similar process for provisioning data through the SIS Integration Framework. The issue is that data ownership is no longer determined by the Data Source Key but by the SIS Data Integration(SISDI). To work around this on our first pass we manually created, through the UI, a DSK and a SISDI for each source and set all the inbound data from the SISDI to the corresponding DSK.


I have now embarked on the mission to create the DSK and SISDI automatically when a new data source file is injected into our data feed using the BlackBoard API in a B2. I am able to successfully create and persist a DSK and a SISDI. I create the SISDI by instantiating a new DataIntegration object, setting all its attributes as appropriate, adding the delimiter to its ExtendedData object, and then saving the populated DataIntegration object via the DataIntegrationManager save method.


I have two remaining issues regarding the need for advanced configurations to be set on the automatically created DataIntegration object:

1) If I attempt to manage Advanced Configuration through the UI on an SIS Integration created automatically (via the API) when i select the down arrow next to the Integration name and select the Advanced Configuration option I get an error page

2) I have no idea where these advanced configurations can be set for the DataIntegration object via the API


Does anybody have experience of knowledge bout the above two issues? Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,