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WebEx to Blackboard: Integration solutions other than CirQlive?

Question asked by cdeville on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by cdeville

The only WebEx to Blackboard solution I know of is a company called CirQlive (CirQlive). Unfortunately with our SAML authentication solution with WebEx, CirQlive requires us to input our private key into CirQlive in order to complete the authentication setup. This is, as you might suspect, not going to fly with our security folks. Other solutions force us to "break" SSO with Webex and our other products, so that is not ideal just to integrate WebEx with Blackboard either.


Our campus was very excited to have the option to move to WebEx, but if we can't integrate with Blackboard, then that is not going to be a viable option after all.


Anyone have input on other Webex to Blackboard integration solutions? Maybe the lack of products out there is the fault of WebEx's picky authentication itself?


Thanks everyone, in advance!