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how can I make the current top-level tab render as being selected in a custom tool-tab b2?

Question asked by whboyd on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by jkelley_blackboard

I'm curious as to whether anyone might be aware of a solution for this. We have a custom b2 which is integrated as a tool tab (you click on one of the top-level tabs and the resulting page is rendered entirely by our b2, not as a module).


However, when our b2 renders, the top-level tab which is "highlighted" is whichever one was previously selected.



In other words, when you click the tab to see our b2 that tab doesn't get highlighted. I've noticed that if I include ?tab_tab_group_id=_{whatever}_1 in the url I can get it to render correctly.


Is there some way I can get the tool tab to include tab_tab_group_id in the url?

Is there something I can do to my jsp to get the correct top-level tab to be highlighted?


I tried doing this in my bb-manifest:

     <name value="LU Lander"/>
     <url value="app/lander.jsp?tab_tab_group_id=@X@tab.tab_group_id=@X@"/>
     <type value="user_tool"/>


Unfortunately using a template variable in that way didn't work. The URL I get redirected to when clicking the tab just has @X@tab.tab_group_id@X@ without replacing the template var.?tab_tab_group_id=@X@tab.tab_group_id=@X@?tab_tab_group_id=@X@tab.tab_group_id=@X@?tab_tab_group_id=@X@tab.tab_group_id=@X@