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Portfolio tool issues with editing images - will there be updates/fixes?

Question asked by tp36301 on Oct 6, 2015

We are getting folks to start using the Portfolio tool in one of our campuses; they started last year and are expanding their use.


We are getting several reports of this know issue and does anyone know if there will be anything planned to have this fixed?  Having to do your edits outside of the portfolio tool in the content editor defeats having it integrated in Bb.


In addition, for those of you getting reports of this problem, what have you recommended as a workaround beyond editing outside of the tool?




Toni P.


Editing a Portfolio Section a Second Time Results in Broken Image Link

Date Published: Jun 19,2015 Category: Planned First Fix Release:Future Reference; Product:Content Management,Extensions; Version:9.1 SP14 (9.1.140152.0),Learn April 2014 (9.1.201404.160205),Learn October 2014 (9.1.201410.160373),Learn April 2015,Learn 9.1 2015 Q4 Article No.:000040654


Product: Blackboard Learn

Release: 9.1

Service Pack: 9.1 SP14 (9.1.140152.0), Learn April 2014 (9.1.201404.160205), Learn October 2014 (9.1.201410.160373), Learn April 2015, Learn 9.1 2015 Q4

Issue Description: If a portfolio section is edited, a picture inserted, the section is saved, and then the same section is edited again and saved, upon sharing, the image link will be broken.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Create Portfolio.
  2. Insert picture into section 1 via the Content Editor.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit section 1.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Done Editing.
  7. Click to view the portfolio created in step 1.

Expected Behavior:

Section is displayed properly.


Observed Behavior:

Section is displayed with a broken picture.