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Smartviews for filtering marking in Oct 2014 release

Question asked by roger.gardner on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by ad909

Hi everyone


We have many, many Blackboard courses where multiple Instructors mark the same assignment, e.g. Marker 1 marks students 1-10, marker 2 marks students 11-20 etc.

In SP14 we were able to use Smartviews to allow Instructors to see and mark assignment submissions by a group of students.


We used to be able to do this by setting up a group, creating it as a Smartview favourite and then Instructors could click on the relevant Smartview shortcut and just see the students they have to mark.

When they clicked on "Grade with usernames hidden" (which used to be "Grade anonymously") at the top of the relevant assignment column in the grade centre, they went on to just see assignment attempts by the relevant group of students.


In Oct 2014 release when you click on the Smartview, then "Grade with usernames hidden" an Instructor seems to see all submissions, not just those by the students in that Smartview group.


Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggested workarounds?


Many thanks