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Student Roster Building Block or a Foundation for other developments

Discussion created by Alberto Ruiz on Oct 4, 2015
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I want to share my work in a tool we have developed, and after removing the custom parts for the costumer, open to the community.


I think the development is useful not just as a tool to show a enrolled students roster with their name, email and Social Profile photo, but as a template or foundation for other projects.


It´s a clean and small enought project so it´s so easy to understand how it work. The architecture is intended to be extensible, using Spring MVC, Repositories, Services, DI, etc... It is also a multilanguage project, what is useful in a lot of situations.


I am using Gradle with this project, and because it uses interfaces very easy to mock, will be easy to add tests to the code.


Here is the repository in GitHub:


All the code and comments are in english, so it can be useful for as many people as possible.


The license is AGPL, so you can use it as you want, but in order to keep it accesible for the community, you have to include a link to the code in web deployments, (it´s embebed in the view in my code).


Hoping to help to somebody begining with B2 development and to receive your feedback to get better at designing them.


Thank you.