Blackboard Collaborate workflows session in Learn Office Hours

Discussion created by bill.vilberg on Sep 22, 2015
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At the Learn Office Hours live session today some of the participants were talking about how they have set up their Collaborate workflows. We decided to have a screen sharing session from a couple of campuses at the next session, 2015-09-22. Sessions are Tuesdays, 12pm Eastern Time, via Collaborate. If you are interested in learning how to provide access for non-academic uses, provide SAS accounts for creating and recording special (non-Blackboard Learn) sessions, and what people are planning around Ultra, you might want to attend. This will NOT be a demo of Collaborate Ultra. The presenters will be sharing their processes, tips, and configurations (back end stuff). The information is really intended for system admins, not end users.


Want to join the group and/or attend the Learn Office Hours session about Collaborate configuration and workflows on 2015-09-22? Go to the page for Marissa Dimino (Community Guru) by clicking on her name. Then click on the "Message" button. Let her know that you would like to be part of the Learn Office Hours group. You will get an email sometime Tuesday morning (often 45 minutes to an hour before the meeting) containing the link to the Collaborate session.