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Google Analytics and Bb Learn

Question asked by bill.vilberg on Sep 22, 2015
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At the Learn Office Hours today (2015-09-22) there was some discussion about using Google Analytics (GA) (free) to gather information about usage of Bb Learn. For example, a number of participants were able to quickly display the browser report showing what percentage of accesses used different browsers. Here are the University of Miami we show 44% Chrome, 38% Safari, 9% Firefox, 4% IE, 4% Safari (in-app). Some participants in the live session were not aware that Google Analytics could be (easily) incorporated into Blackboard, and that includes Managed Hosted systems. I am going to post what I think are the installation instructions.


Instructions from Using Google Analytics on the Blackboard Login Portal Page - Ask The MVPs posted by Glen Parker in 2011.


== From the 9.1 Release Notes ==

Support for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google for mining web

traffic data to a website or application. The process for setting up

Google Analytics is the same for each Blackboard Learn code line

including 9.0 SP5 and 9.1 SP4 and beyond.

Release Notes for Release 9.1 Service Pack 4 (9.1.40071.3)


  1. Register with Google Analytics (Marketing and Web Analytics | Google Analytics Standard – Google ).
    1. Identify a test server outside your firewall and note its domain name.
    2. Create a Google Analytics Account.
    3. Register the domain name of your server through the Google Analytics setup pages.
    4. Save the script provided by Google Analytics.
  2. Open $blackboard/content/web_analytics/googleAnalyticsSnippet.vm, paste your script, and save the file. (If you are Manage Hosted, open a ticket, provide the script, and MH will do this for you.
  3. You can restart Blackboard Learn Services for the changes to take effect immediately or wait until the .vm file cache is refreshed, once every 12 hours.



  • Have you done this on your system?
  • Is this how you did it?
  • Do you have any corrections, suggestions, or alternative ways of doing this?
  • If someone has used the Free Web Analytics Software, could you explain how it compares to GA and how it is installed?