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Question asked by js21588 on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by js21588

Hey there,

I'm having some problems with the Course/Organization Overview Report.


Now, there's a KB article that might have relevance:


So here's the thing.

Organization, 150 ish students enrolled - They have to watch a 22-minute long video that is set up within a Content Area.

The video is embedded (with HTML, hence the KB article and possible relevance) and it's displayed on a blank page.


So you start in the content area, click a link to a blank page and there's the embedded video.


Now, running the Organization Overview Report, there's a number of students that have weird things showing, as in no time spent in the course or for instance, this student:


Note: Last Login, total time in course, but total logins is 0.


Anyone have any ideas?