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How to detect connection loss in SCORM content?

Question asked by rpenn on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by vvolz

We developed a course (Flash, SCORM 1.2) for our client, a US Federal Agency, which has deployed it on Blackboard Learn.


About 10-20% of learners will get to the end of the course but their grade book is not marked as complete and no score is recorded. This is frustrating because it’s a long course and often their SCORM bookmarks indicate that they are still near the beginning of the course. The tool used to develop the course, SmartBuilder, calls a SCORM commit every time it sets data.


We have collected data on a sampling of  these users and don't see a pattern for OS, browser, location, etc.


Our hypothesis is that there is a connection loss for these 10-20% of users. So, we decided to add a SCORM call that will periodically submit data (e.g. score, status, suspend data, etc.), and if there is a connection loss, we would expect to receive an error, which we can use to warn the students that they need to re-launch the course (and don’t waste time in a course with a terminated session).


When testing this approach in SCORM Cloud and other LMS’s, when we disconnect from the Internet, we receive a java window error popup (when setting data), or a null return when getting data, which is good because we can use this to warn learners. But in Blackboard we receive no error messages even when we have no connectivity.


So my question is, what API/mechanism does Blackboard provide to allow a SCORM course to detect connection loss?


Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide