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System Configuration Information not working problem after rolling restart on April 2014 release

Question asked by tp36301 on Sep 9, 2015

Starting with April 2014 release, two things have happened (and even with a workaround fix breaks after either a rolling restart or a push config) within the System Configuration area.  Note we are Managed Hosted and did not have this problem with our prior release on SP14.


1. The Patch list in System Information no longer lists our patches just the initial installation of April 2014 with no other CUs or hotfix list.

2. The System Performance Settings page gives you an error of "An error occurred. Contact the System Administrator. ". The workaround lets the page show; however, the dates are reset for the push config and a rolling restart so it is not really fixed since the information is inaccurate when applied.


There are workaround fixes with limited results; however, the problem comes right back after a rolling restart and/or push config so support is hesitant to apply them each time.


This is caused by the use of both long and short DNS entry requirements apparently required on the back end. Again, for the system performance page, the workaround actually resets the push config and restart information to be outdated. 


I am curious if anyone else has this problem and if they reported it if was documented as a bug. In addition, if anyone on the support or development side here might be aware if this is only affecting April 2014 release, please reply to this post.




Toni P.