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Help us architect our Blackboard Learn help

Question asked by jackie.zajac on Sep 8, 2015
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As you are well aware, Blackboard Learn has undergone a lot of changes in the last year! As a result, the way our content is organized on needs to be re-thought. We are looking for some bright minds of our power users in helping us create a new hierarchy for the way users find help on Blackboard Learn.


Forget everything you know about our previous versions of Learn, and think about the most common options going forward for deployment (SaaS, self- or managed-hosting) and user interface (Ultra or Original). If you have good ideas for content structures, now's your chance!


What we need: A flowchart or diagram of your vision for Blackboard Learn content on the Help site. A sketch, doodle or partial hierarchy is just fine - we'll take ideas in any form. Think about administrator, instructor, and student user types (although they can be different).


When: ASAP! Preferably by 9/15.


Any questions? Email or comment below and Suzanne Larkins or I will answer them.