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Merging courses into organizations

Question asked by tc0049584 on Sep 6, 2015
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Although possible to merge courses into other courses, and organizations into other organizations, it's not possible to use Bb core functionality to merge courses into organizations.  It's as though they live in separate universes, separated by a tiny field in the database.  What we're looking to achieve...


1. Department wants all students enrolled in Veterinary Science courses, at all year levels, to also be enrolled in an organization so they can engage in cross-year mentoring.  Both the courses (with the specific content) and the organization (for students to connect and engage) should be available.


2. All students studying Engineering will be using multiple laboratories.  Rather than putting a Bb test in every course and getting them to prove competency before attending class, enrolling them all in an organization will allow one online test to be completed. Local laboratory managers can check the status of pre-laboratory safety knowledge in one organization's Grade Center.


Has anyone built a tool permitting this to happen? Thanks in advance for any tips/tricks/B2s you might be willing to share!