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Branching for Test & Surveys - Any one have a good solution or know if Bb will add

Question asked by melissa.stange on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by melissa.stange

I often find myself wishing for the ability to branch on a high stakes test or when deploying a survey. Adding Branching logic to a survey/test, so that the survey/test changes according to the responses to specific questions. In a survey that branches, questions appear only if they apply to someone's situation. If the questions don't apply, the person can answer a different set of questions or skip that set of questions. For a test example, you can ask a question and based on the answer the person will go to a different place.  This used in many high stake industry (professional) certification exams. If someone misses a question on a topic area, the exam will automatically attempt to ask them more questions about that area to see if asking it in a different way helps them get the correct answer (or determine if they know the subject area).


Implementation of survey logic

Most survey tools like Survey Monkey, Microsoft Office, Qualtrics, SuveryQizmo, QuestionPro, etc.


Does any one currently have a successful work around for this missing feature? Has anyone heard if this is on Bb's roadmap to add?


I would have put this in the "Ideas" area but, submission of IDEAS has not yet been open to the community. Maybe Soon.