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A4L ETL process conflicts with Managed Hosting updates/connection lost

Question asked by tp36301 on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by tp36301

Is anyone here on both Managed Hosting for Bb Learn and hosted onsite for A4L?


We are having an occasional problem where during our scheduled service window early Friday mornings there is a connection lost from our A4L server and our MH environment. 


We have a case in with BtBb/A4L and MH; however, we will likely need to move the ETL job to earlier or later to prevent the ongoing failures typically around the 2am to 3am ET. 


It will likely need to be earlier to run at say 11pm; however, if successful we still have activity that will be missed and have to wait until the next day's run during 11am to midnight.


Has anyone run into this in a similar environment? If so, what has been your workaround to adjust for outages or common service connection problems weekly? 




Toni P.