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group-journal and group-blog same functionality :-(

Question asked by kroos on Aug 26, 2015

In a content area  blogs and journals are different things. In such a journal there is some  kind of " privacy" between instructor and student. Default,  students can not read each other's journals; only Instructor can read those journals (and response to them).


in a group you can activate blog and journal too, but... in that context they have both the same functionality by design: no privacy for group journal. That is quit confusing. Why does Blackboard offer both alternatives with same functionality in a group?


I'm afraid lecturers and students expect that a group journal garantees privacy. So, e.g. students reflect in the group journal on private things, thinking that only the Lecturer can read those private reflections.


Am I wrong when I say: this is a concept that SHOULD be changed asap?