Cheating Loophole on Exams

Discussion created by jbono on Aug 14, 2015
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Here is an interesting situation I am wondering if anyone has encountered and might have a suggestion on how to address it. The current solution has to been to avoid administering Blackboard exams.


Background: Multiple sections of a course are combined into one master course. Students in each section take the exam at different times at different locations.


We've learned that two people at two different locations can be logged into one student's exam at the same time, so that the real student acts as the "dummy" while the remote person takes the exam on their behalf. Using IP Address Filtering is not an option because of the way the University network is setup. The only other option is to use Force Completion. However, in doing this, should the computer freeze up (which happens), there is no way for the student to continue the exam where they left off.


It's almost as if there needs to be an option in between Force Completion and not allowing it where an instructor can allow a student to re-enter an exam.


Has anyone encountered a situation like this? What have you done? We'd like to go back to using Blackboard for exams.