Task/Module Completion Check List - 9.1

Discussion created by melissa.stange on Aug 14, 2015
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I have 15 learning modules (skills) that a student must do to show competency in the topic (modules do not have to be completed in order). Within each module area there are several task that must be completed (they don't have to be done in any order). For each task there is learning content to be reviewed and an assessment. The student must get at least 80% on the assessments for the task to be completed. The module is complete when all task within it have been completed.


I would like to have Bb show and track the completion of these task and modules.


Yes, I know that Bb is working on competency tools for future releases but that doesn't help now. I also know that we work with Bb Consulting, but that isn't feasible currently either. Preferably, without having to install any additional B2s.


Thanks for any help and/or suggestions,