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Our Collaborate Ultra integration doesn't automatically send the student role info from Blackboard to Collaborate

Question asked by tysonbrown on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by sgardner

So, we JUST rolled out the BBLearn to Ultra integration, and in post-testing this morning I notice that when a student in a blackboard course tries to join the Collaborate Ultra session for a course, they are prompted to enter their name, to enter as a guest.




The user information does NOT flow over from Blackboard like the instructor's name does.  I was sure I'd looked  at this on our development server (famous last words), but that seems to be the behaviour across all three of our BBLearn environments.  Is this "normal" or "functioning as designed" for the integration?  I hope not!  But if its NOT, what have we got messed up that is causing this?  Can anyone else who has rolled out the Ultra integration confirm that they're seeing this behaviour?  Or let me know if they dont!