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Why GET_ALL_USERS_WITH_AVAILABILITY filter type doesn't work?

Question asked by Alberto Ruiz on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by ta0040047



I am trying to get all the users using Blackboard Learn web services, but using the filter type GET_ALL_USERS_WITH_AVAILABILITY, (1), always return null.


I am using the workaround by Kurt Faulknerloser in edugarage, who use the filter type GET_USER_BY_SYSTEM_ROLE, and it is working, but it's limited by the hardcoded selected roles.


Here is the snippet I was trying to run in 2014 October release:


 UserFilter userFilter = new UserFilter();
 GetUser getUser = new GetUser();
 GetUserResponse getUserResponse = userWSStub.getUser(getUser);
 UserVO[] userVOs = getUserResponse.get_return();


Is this a known issue or am I doing any mistake?


Thank you in advance.