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New Features in Collaborate b2

Question asked by malcolm.murray on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by malcolm.murray

I have just installed the latest Collaborate building block - version 4.8.1167786
This has some significant implications not detailed in the release notes. I thought I'd share them here:


1. If your default system language pack is not en_US then this building block is not for you. It has been released without full internationalisation (see article 000040857) and a fix is not planned until Oct 2015. This means that the text on links to rooms and some of the settings pages are not readily intelligible. ""Add Link to Course"  is replaced with "???" for example.


2. Also previously you could restrict access to the tool, by specifying a whitelist of courses which could use it. Courses not on the list couldn't and if they tried, they saw a message that the sys admin could configure. This was a very elegant solution. It was also a lot more robust than trying to implement limited rollout using the institutional hierarchy.

This feature seems to have gone. Now instead you get to decide whether courses should see nothing, classic java, ultra or to use custom logic. We opted for custom logic and got an interface where you can search for courses and then select None, Classic or Ultra. Fair enough you think, except that behind the scenes all your other courses are being given one of these values too, the default they are given seems to be allow use but give them classic. This essentially means that if this is not your default choice, every time a new course is created you need to go and check the settings here again and turn it off.

This is not the streamlined workflow I was hoping for after BbWorld2015.


Can anyone explain the thinking behind this workflow and detail the user acceptance testing that was carried out before release please?