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Locking down a module?

Question asked by am27446 on Jul 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by heather.crites

So i have a module that is put in all courses, with a simple 3 question assessment that all students must take for each course, and answer yes to each question in order to be considered actively participating in that course.  The module is copied from a "source course" into all new shells when created by the SIS integration.  Aside from the assessment, the module includes an "instructor's documentation" doc, not visible to the students, telling the instructors what to do with the assessment and module.  The module is set to be the Entry Point of the course and must remain that way until after the attendance census date. Some instructors don't follow the instructions and it throws off the reporting of completion of the assessment. Our Registrar's office has asked if there was any way to lock down the module so that instructor's can't manipulate it or the assessment in it.  The only idea I have right now is to take away the instructor's privileges to access Customization>>Teaching Style, which would keep them from changing the Entry Point but then also take away Menu Style choices and adding Banners, and they will pitch a fit about losing that.  This also doesn't keep them from making changes to the assessment.

I'm curious if anyone would have any other ideas to keep instructors from manipulating a module or an assessment in it, yet still have the assessment remain available to students?  I can't think of any but I'm hoping I'm missing an idea that y'all might have.


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