What accessibility tools do you use?

Discussion created by joanna.hunt on Jul 29, 2015
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Many people at the conference were interested in collecting a list of "tools" that they are using to help them understand accessibility and build accessible content. I have started a list here, from what was collected at the conference. Let's use this discussion to talk about the tools that your using. What works? What doesn't? How are you working around some of the challenges that you've encountered with any of these tools.


To get us started, here is the list collected during BbWorld15. Please add new ones, or comment about the pros and cons of any of the tools or websites listed below


Captioning Tools: -

Movie Captioner -


Document conversion tools:

Sensus Access -


Accessibility Checkers:

Microsoft Accessibility Checker —


Reading Comprehension & Cognitive accessibility tools:

Read, Write, Gold -