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Should we begin thinking diferent?

Question asked by Alberto Ruiz on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by mkauffman

Hello every body,


I am Alberto Ruiz, responsible of developmemt area at eLearning Media, Spain.


There have been two interesting days at DevCon, and the things I have learned in the sessions made me think in the way now a days we offer solutions and design customitations and integrations to our clients.


When an institution invest some money in a custom development, they want it to run across diferent versions of the platform. Now we know that it will be dificult if the development include some kind of UI integration.


This leads me to think on getting more UI agnostic. May be design the custom application in two parts, a LTI provider with all the bussines logic, database and external services access, and a B2 who act as a REST API, based in, spring resources por whatever the developers are proficient. The provider will use the uuid that is passed as a param in the LTI call to consume the securized ws provided by the B2 in order to get the required data from BBLearn.


I think this aproach will make easier to maintain the tool just in case the client choose to migrate to the Ultra experience.


Am I wrong with this aproach?


(Sorry if my english is a bit messy, I hope you understand the essential parts.)


Best regards.